Monday, April 21, 2008


An Introduction to
Tammy and Mandy

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Tammy Mandy

The Personality
The fundamental difference between Tammy and Mandy is the question of God, as defined as an overarching reason for things happening, a predetermined path for one’s life, a fated connection between everything, or something in the sky that judges you when you masturbate. Tammy does not believe in God and Mandy does. Tammy’s freedom comes from her independence and her pain comes from the feeling that nothing really matters. Mandy’s happiness comes from knowing that there is a reason for everything and her sadness comes from not living up to the standards that she strongly believes in.

There are other differences between Tammy and Mandy that are noticeable in each of their interests. These are more like trends rather than prerequisites to either category. For example, Mandys tend to be drawn toward babies, cats, and Rachel Ray, while Tammys tend to prefer dogs and lottery tickets.

The Appearance
There is no fundamental difference between the appearances of Tammy and Mandy, although you can tell them apart through their essences. You can feel the tough individualism of a Tammy or the breast-like warmth of a Mandy. But, again, there are tendencies in Tammy and Mandy appearances, although they are not guaranteed signifiers of who you are witnessing. A classic

example would be in the choice of shoes.

Tammy might choose white Reebok sneakers,


while Mandy might enjoy some white pumps


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